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Ανδρέας Πιτταράς


  • Functional Organization of The Autonomic Nervous System 
  • Role of the CNS in controlling BP 
  • Reflex rise in blood pressure shown in the 19th century 

 Areas in the midbrain involved in BP control

Localization of areas in the midbrain of rabbits that are involved in blood pressure control. Owsjannikow's data [1] established that medullary centers control the blood pressure. An anterior cut caused an increase in blood pressure, while a posterior cut elicited a substantial decrease.

This and earlier work established the important principle that tonic discharge from the central nervous system regulates the peripheral blood pressure and that some inhibitory input maintains blood pressure at an intermediate level between what the blood pressure would have been without central nervous system input and the brain's maximal capacity to increase the blood pressure. There were only four rabbits in this study, and only the best of the rabbits' results were included. Despite this and the lack of statistical analysis, the author's theories were ultimately shown to be correct.

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